It is the only longer-term, incisionless, weight-loss treatment that can grow your practice with good outcomes and satisfied patients.

How the Pose® Procedure Works

It is performed endoscopically using the g-CathTM EZ Delivery Catheter with the Incisionless Operating PlatformTM.

Flexible instruments are used to plicate the stomach to create rows of folds secured by Snowshoe® suture anchors in the upper and lower part of the stomach.

The upper folds flatten the fundus and prevent it from distending when a patient eats, thereby reducing hunger cravings and helping patients feel satisfied with less food. The lower, distal folds, slow the emptying of the stomach so patients feel fuller longer between meals.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to perform and most patients go home within 24 hours. The Pose procedure is safe, well-studied and very well-tolerated by patients. There is a low incidence of adverse events and most patients are able to get back to their normal routine in a couple of days.

How the Procedure Works

The Pose® procedure is the only longer-term, incisionless, hunger control procedure for sustained weight loss through permanent tissue remodeling of the portion of the stomach that triggers satiety.

Snowshoe® Suture Anchors

Snowshoe® Suture Anchors

The anchors are a suturing technology designed to overcome the challenges of endolumenal suturing in the GI tract. It is well known that mucosa is resistant to reconfiguration and the forces applied by traditional "point loading" suture, staples, or clips can often result in inadequate healing.

However, the anchors distribute the forces over a tissue contact "footprint" 2,400% larger than the size in which it was delivered. The anchors not only spread out these forces, they also have a semi-compliant nature that accommodates postoperative swelling. This plasticity allows the anchors to withstand the swelling, yet maintain their hold on the tissue.

Addressing the Treatment Gap

** In the United States, USGI Medical’s devices have been cleared by the FDA for approximation of soft tissue in minimally invasive gastroenterology procedures. The use of USGI’s devices to treat obesity (including the POSE procedure) is currently under FDA Investigation. USGI Medical also has a CE Mark Indication for the use of its devices to treat obesity in those patients with a BMI of 30-40.

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