The partnership is a result of over a decade of research and thousands of procedures performed globally.

What is the Pose Partnership® Program?

Every weight-loss journey begins with a single step powered by a strong personal commitment. The Pose® procedure combined with the the Pose Partnership® program can help you reach your weight-loss goals.

The goal of the Pose Partnership program is to help patients achieve the best possible weight-loss outcomes through positive lifestyle changes. The support resources provided to patients and their physicians are intended to help you in the long run so you can achieve lasting success.


Marlyn went from
size 16 to a size 8*

Elements of a Strong Program

The Pose Partnership program is the commitment between you, your physician and a support team. Your physician and team will provide you resources and support intended to build long-term success. One of the key benefits to a longer-term procedure is receiving long-term support.

Comprehensive 12-Month Follow-up Care

Nutritional Support from a Trained Specialist

A Multidisciplinary Care Team

The Pose Partnership Program

Your Team for Healthy Weight Loss

Many of life's big challenges, including weight loss, are best met with support and encouragement. That's why the Pose procedure includes the Pose Partnership, a comprehensive weight-loss support program.


With over 5,000 procedures performed around the world, we have developed resources to support you.


All patients will work with a team of trained experts like nutritionists and exercise physiologists, to help you get started on the right foot after the procedure.


They also work with you for the next 12 months to assist you in learning healthy eating and exercise habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle so you can keep the weight off.

Succeeding with the Pose® Procedure

Your Role

Make a commitment to succeed.

Show up to all of your follow-up appointments.

Follow the advice and guidance on eating and exercise.

Work with your team to set realistic goals and a specific plan to achieve them.

Your Support Team

A trained physician will help you get started. Your specialist receives rigorous training in the procedure.

You have access to the Pose Partnership program: long-term medical support and nutrition counseling.

Your Pose Partnership team will provide personally tailored advice on eating, nutrition and exercise.

Your team will stay with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Interested in the Pose® Procedure?

To see if the Pose procedure is available in your area and to learn more, find a physician.


** USGI Medical has a CE Mark Indication that states: "The design, development and manufacture of preloaded, synthetic, non-absorbable suture delivery catheters (g-Cath) and single use, surgically invasive, flexible endotherapy grasping forceps (g-Lix) used for approximation of soft tissue in minimally invasive gastroenterology procedures, including use in obesity intervention for BMI 30-40.

Those aspects of design, development and manufacture related to securing and mantaining the sterility of non-surgically invasive, multichannel endotherapy guides (Transport) and non-surgically invasive flexible endotherapy grasping forceps (g-Prox)."

*     Results and patient experience may vary. Travel and accommodations for the video shoot provided by USGI Medical.