Is the Pose® Procedure for You?**

The best candidates are adults who are generally 20 to 60 pounds overweight and willing to commit to at least one year of supervised coaching.1

Potential Candidates

If you are committed to losing weight, despite past struggles with diet and exercise, if you are looking for a path toward a healthier lifestyle, and if you want the freedom to enjoy your life without excessive downtime or restrictive eating requirements, the procedure could help you get there.

Patients with a strong commitment to change will have the best results. Following the recommendations of your physician and support team for healthy diet and exercise habits will be important to your weight loss.

If you think the Pose procedure may be right for you, connect with a trained physician in your area.


Miranda lost 25 lbs.*

Is the Pose Procedure for You?

The Tools for Success


Even people who successfully lose weight on their own are likely to gain it back after six months.2

Research shows that hunger is a key component that can make losing weight on a calorie restricted diet a struggle. This is also why most diets don't work long term. Even as weight comes off, your body continues to send signals to your brain triggering hunger. As hunger sets in, weight loss stalls or becomes even harder to maintain. Once people "go off" the diet, the weight goes back on.

The Pose procedure is a weight-loss tool that helps you control your hunger and supports your success in these ways:

It targets the portion of stomach that expands when you eat. You naturally eat smaller portions and become full sooner.

It positively affects hunger signals, so you reduce nagging hunger pangs between meals.

It slows the stomach from emptying, so you feel fuller longer.

These benefits, along with one year of nutrition and exercise support with the Pose Partnership® program, can help you easily learn to eat less and develop healthy eating habits that last.

Interested in the Pose® Procedure?

To see if the Pose procedure is available in your area and to learn more, find a physician.


** USGI Medical has a CE Mark Indication that states: "The design, development and manufacture of preloaded, synthetic, non-absorbable suture delivery catheters (g-Cath) and single use, surgically invasive, flexible endotherapy grasping forceps (g-Lix) used for approximation of soft tissue in minimally invasive gastroenterology procedures, including use in obesity intervention for BMI 30-40.

Those aspects of design, development and manufacture related to securing and mantaining the sterility of non-surgically invasive, multichannel endotherapy guides (Transport) and non-surgically invasive flexible endotherapy grasping forceps (g-Prox)."

*       Results and patient experience may vary. Travel and accommodations for the video shoot provided by USGI Medical.

  • Weight range based on the difference between the ideal weight (BMI of 25) and the approximate weight range of a BMI between 30 and 40.