Real Stories**

Do you want to know more about the Pose® procedure from real people? Hear directly from those who have had the procedure, have lost weight, and are keeping it off.


They have been in your shoes and have gone through a similar journey. Explore how the procedure has changed their lives.*

Yvonne Went From a Size 18 to a Size 6*

"This approach to weight loss compared to other diet plans I've done in the past has allowed me to feel more successful. I feel more in control. It's more me."

Jacquie Lost 63 Pounds*

"Pose gave me my life and it gave me everything I always wanted. But it also gave me the tools to do what I need to do to love me. And that is very powerful."

Gail Lost 35 Pounds*

"I would tell you to have it done because not only does it help you lose weight and feel full, I've kept it off for two years. And it's still working. It's not something that you go and you use and it stops working. It keeps working."

Marlyn Went From a Size 16 to a Size 8*

"Pose turned my life from this person who never went and did anything to a person who is vibrant and happy all the time and able to get out and do things I always wanted to do."

Miranda Lost 25 Pounds*

"After the Pose procedure I feel amazing. Incorporating diet and exercise has been great for my mood, great for my family and my son loves to exercise with me."

Jason lost 50 pounds*

"Now that I've lost the weight, I don't feel like the weight-loss journey is over. It is going to be something that I'm going to be mindful of my whole life. Is it going to be a struggle? It's not a struggle anymore. I know what to do."


Interested in the Pose® Procedure?

To see if the Pose procedure is available in your area and to learn more, find a physician.


** In the United States, USGI Medical’s devices have been cleared by the FDA for approximation of soft tissue in minimally invasive gastroenterology procedures. The use of USGI’s devices to treat obesity (including the POSE procedure) is currently under FDA Investigation. USGI Medical also has a CE Mark Indication for the use of its devices to treat obesity in those patients with a BMI of 30-40.

*       Results and patient experience may vary. Travel and accommodations for the video shoot provided by USGI Medical.